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About Us


Nasa Construction General Trading & Contracting Company is seeking to achieve its ambitious vision in enhancing its presence in the kuwaiti construction sector, secure a significant share in the market focusing of construction sector through:

  • Expansion in construction projects within the local market.
  • Gradual development of the company’s projects and assets, secure stability and continuous growth of projects.
  • Versatility in execution of projects of different purposes to add new experience to the company.


NASA Construction Company seeks to achieve its strategic aims and vision through:

  • Accurate and timely completion of its projects with the adherence to the highest levels of quality and best international practices in execution of projects.
  • Maintain its currents clients and attract new ones in order to enlarge the client base and satisfy them by providing the best services.
  • Accurate selection of work teams of engineers and management staff of high competence and experience in projects execution.

The Company in Brief

NASA Construction General Trading & Contracting Company was founded in 2006 as general trading company with as a limited Liability working in the field of building construction, with a paid up capital of 1,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars. Due to its credibility, Wide experience in the construction field, NASA obtained 1st Grade classification from Central Tenders Committee which qualified the company to enter into medium to large size projects such as the construction of residential, commercial towers, as well as Shopping centers, and mega projects in the private sectors.

Currently, the company is focusing on several pioneering projects adopting a unique strategy in its works in addition to set of work standards at high level which enable the company to execute high quality Projects. Such strategy includes employing outstanding engineers of high competence and experience in addition to skilled technicians and experienced management staff who can act and provide high quality Services.

Currently, the company has an outstanding work team of more than 300 employees with high competence who are managing the company and ideally completing the projects within the time scale as required. In response to the current construction booming in the state of Kuwait and the neighboring countries, the company Owners decided to focus, at the first place on the construction business as first step to forward the generated revenues for establishing an affiliated company or invest in companies working in complementary services of construction, thus, securing all the components which may help the company in the ideal execution of the Projects.

Contrary to the other contracting companies, which prefer to lease equipment or short term procurement then selling them to achieve fast profits, which may Expose the stability of the company to risks. NASA Construction Company follows the policy of direct Investment in buying and possessing of all types Of equipment, machines and cranes necessary for projects execution in order to avoid any Possible obstacles, ensure proper and effective management of work sites, And the timely providing of logistic services at proper cost. In addition, when contracting with a third party, the company selects the best sub- contractors who are qualified to execute the assigned works to achieve high quality.


NASA Construction General Trading & Contracting company was established in 2006 by AlDimnah AlDawliya Trading & Contracting Company represented by Mr.Fahad Bader Alsumait and partners,The idea of establishing the company For focusing on investment in the contracting and building sectors came out of several factors such as broad vision, academic and working experience in the field of contracting enjoyed by the founders and owners of the company , in addition to the flourishing business in Kuwait and other gulf states in general. Therefore the company managed to achieve growth, success, and secured medium to large size projects which provided the company with good reputation among other local contracting companies.

Throughout the company’s successful mission, the company adopted a solid strategy focusing on the completion and handing over of the projects at record level, in addition to adhering to the approved time schedule. We managed to achieve the above through employing qualified engineers, administrative staff and technicians of high competence and experience to ensure accurate follow up of the projects execution and to maintain solid work mechanism, in that the work effort was divided over two work shifts daily and overtime during the official holidays. Such strategy proved to be successful when applied in the different projects.