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NASA Construction General Trading & Contracting company was established in 2006 by:

  • AlDimnah AlDawliya Trading & Contracting Company represented by Mr. Fahad Bader Alsumait.
  • Mr. Marwan Jameel Saleh Alsayed.

The idea of establishing the company for focusing on investment in the contracting and building sectors came out of several factors such as broad vision, academic and working experience in the field of contracting enjoyed by the founders and owners of the company, In addition to the flourishing business in Kuwait and other gulf states in general. Therefore the company managed to achieve growth, success, and secured medium to large size projects which provided the company with good reputation among other local contracting companies.

Throughout the company’s successful mission, the company adopted a solid strategy focusing on the completion and handing over of the projects at record level, in addition to adhering to the approved time schedule. We managed to achieve the above through employing qualified engineers, administrative staff and technicians of high competence and experience to ensure accurate follow up of the projects execution and to maintain solid work mechanism, in that the work effort was divided over two work shifts daily and overtime during the official holidays. Such strategy proved to be successful when applied in the different projects.